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Union Special

Model 31200

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Side Hand wheel
Cylinder Bed

Taping Seams: SSag-3 (inv)
Shoulder Seams
Collar Seams
Double-Locked Stitch Type 401
2 Needles – 2 Loopers
4 Threads

Speed: 3500 rpm (Max)
Needle Spacing - (1ga = 1/64”)
16ga - 6.4mm
Stitch Range:
1.8mm – 3.2mm, 8 to 14 SPI
Standard 14SPI – 1.8mm
2”-  (50.8mm)  Diameter
9 12” – (242mm) Work Space Behind Needles

Material: Light to Medium Knits
Feed type: Plain Feed

Tabling Options: Non-Submerged Table Mount
Taping Seams: SSag-3 (inv)
Taping Overedge Seams
2nd Part of 2 Part Operation
Uses 34” Knit Tape Finish 3/8”
Garment Sewn Inside-Out

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