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New Sewing Machines

Union Special

Model 36200

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Feed-Off-The-Arm FlatSeamer
With Top and Bottom Material trimming knives

Top & Bottom Coverstitch 607 type

4 Needles-1 Looper-1Coverthread 
(6 threads)  

Bottom Coverstitch 607 mod type

4 Needles-1 Looper (5 threads)
Generally used only with tape on top


4200 rpm (Max)
Needle Spacing (Gauge)

5.2mm and 6.0mm
Stitch Range

1.6-2.5mm, 10 to 16 SPI
Standard 12 (Most Common)
Feed Type

Tandem Differential (Ratio 1 to1.8)
Operator Controlled—Dial Adjust

Light to Medium Heavy
Knits, Fleece, PolarFleece, Wetsuits, etc.

Tabling Options

P - Pedestal
T - Table Mounted (Gear box or Solid Base)
Butt Seam  FSa-1

Material may overlap approximately. 0.5mm to 1.0mm
Lap Seam  LSa-1

Material overlapped to 2nd & 4th needles
Taping & Joining  LSz mod.
Taping fronts of Men’s & Women’s Briefs

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