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New Sewing Machines

Union Special

Model 63900

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Cylinder Bed
7 12” – 190.5mm Cylinder
1 Needle Lockstitch Type 301

Continuous Top & Bottom Roller Feed

Needle Feed


5200 rpm (Max)
Stitch Range

6-12 SPI, 2.1mm-4.5mm
Stitch Gear & Needle Feed SPI Controlled
Feed T ype

Continuous Roller Top & Bottom
Needle Feed

Light to Extra Heavy (6-16oz)
Denim, Cotton, Canvas, etc.
Tabling Options

Table Mount
Pedestal (Most Common)

1/2 HP Clutch Type
1/2 HP Needle Positioner Type

Waistband Stitching  LSe-2 (mod)

Top Stitching Waistbands
2nd Part of 2 Part Operation
Sews at Edge or 1/16” from Edge of Waistband
Fixed PF Guides
Light to medium Weight (6-11oz)
Work Support Plate
Leg Hemming  EFb-1 (inv)

Light to Medium Weight (6-11oz)
Without Folder – Turn Hem by Hand
Adjustable PF Guides
Leg Hemming  EFb-1 (inv)

Heavy Weight (12-16oz)
With Hemming Folder
With & Without Large Hook
(Hook size not different only basket & bobbin size)



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