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Welding Machines — Accessories

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Accessories for:

- Hot-wedge and/or Hot-air-sealing machines
- Hot-air heat-sealing machines:
- Hot-air tape sealing machines
- Hot wedge sealing machines "for Geotextiles"
- Hot wedge sealing machines "for industrial textiles"
- Ultrasonic heat-sealing machines

Hot-wedge and/or Hot-air-sealing machines
  - Tube Guide
Schlauchführung an der Maschine

Part No.: 95-253 718-91

Tube guide for the continuous production of endless tubes with hot-air or hot-wedge machines, e.g. needle felt filters

diameter ranges can be offered on request.

PFAFF also offers automatic transversal cutting lines to be integrated in a continuous tube production line.

Hot-air heat sealing machines:
  - Seam testing device
seam testing device
Part No.: 95-203 099-71/895
This simple device is used for the sporadic control of the permeability of sealed seams. The device is filled with water and a testing pressure of 0.2 to 1.0 is produced manually.
  - Seam testing unit
seam testing unit
Part No.: 99-514 162-91 (for clothing)
Part No.: 99-514 163-91 (for shoes)

The seam testing unit is used for frequent control of the permeability of sealed seams.

The version for clothing is equipped with a large testing plate, the version for shoes with a smaller one. The testing unit also has a cylinder bed, making it easy to test sleeves and socks. The test pressure is produced pneumatically.
    - Test ring can be opened and closed quickly
- Connection to compressed air line (no pumping required)
- Fixed test pressure can be set beforehand
- Large, integrated water tank
- Low water loss due to return flow leakage system
- Large and small test surface available (for clothing or shoes)
- Adjustable timer on the equipment

Hot air tape sealing machines:

Depending on the application different nozzles and rollers can be fitted.
In addition there is an option for a machine with or without tape trimmer.

Hot wedge sealing machine for "Geotextiles":

- Tension test devicetension test device
This device is used for the destructive testing of sealed seam test samples. During the test the tear resistance and tear path are measured and recorded. The unit, packed in a case, can also be used as a mobile unit.

Hot wedge sealing machines for "Industrial textiles":

Guide units

Depending on the type of seam and the application, there are a large number of different guide units. In addition customized guide units can be produced by PFAFF. Possible seam types are e.g. hems, lapped seams, paring seams, tubes, application of tapes and profiles, piping etc.

Ultrasonic sealing machines:

The large range of possible uses of the ultrasonic sealing machine requires various sealing wheels. Depending on the application special wheels can be produced by PFAFF. Selection of anvil wheels

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