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New Sewing Machines


EXT Series
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Seams of beauty and delicacy — Makes them to the highest quality!

The efficient top feed mechanism has enhanced still more seam quality.
Newly-introduced Pegasus EXT Series offers the state-of-the-art technology to flourish in the new sensuous age.

EXT3200 Series

Variable top feed safety stitch machines

subclass specifications

EXT5200 Series
Variable top feed overedgers

Max. speed: 7,000rpm
Stitch length adjustment: Push-button
Differential feed ratio adjustment: Lever with micro-adjustment

subclass specifications

Labor Saving Devices
AT – Automatic tape cutter
The sensor detects the fabric edge to automatically lower the knife and cut tape and thread chain to be sucked. The lengths of the leading and trailing thread chain and tape can be changed correctly by the stitch counter to be free from operator-related factors.

TK – Tape cutter

With its switch-operated knife that can be lowered to cut tape and thread chain. The finger switch and knee switch are available. Either pneumatically- or electrically-driven switch can be selected.

KS – Vertical type vacuum chain cutter

Sucks in a thread chain by vacuum pressure and cuts it. The suction inlet is positioned by the needle and vertically to the cloth plate. Sucks in a thread chain by vacuum pressure and cuts it. The suction inlet is positioned right behind the presser foot and flush with the cloth plate.

KH – Flat type cacuum chain cutter

Can cut and suck in wide thread chains of safety stitch machines or 2-needle overedgers, extra-heavy and woolen yarn thread chains.
KL – Intermittent shirring device
Can easily perform a shirring or afullness operation partially. Three types of driving methods (manual, electric and pneumatic) are available.

PL – Presser foot lift

Pneumatically-operated presser foot lift. The presser foot can be lifted with heel treadle. Ease of operation decreases operators fatigue.

BT – Backlatcher
Backlatches the thread chain by sewing it back into the fabric at the start of sewing. Plain seaming and backlatching are combined into one, saving time and thus increasing productivity.

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