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DDL-9000 — Direct-drive, High-speed, 1-needle, Lockstitch Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer

D (dry-head type), DDL-9000S (minute-quantity lubricating type)

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DDL-9000DS-WB / CP-160D
  The machine head is one size larger than the conventional head, expanding the space under the machine arm for increased operability.

With its direct-drive system, the machine starts up smoothly and offers excellent responsiveness.

With its dry head that no longer uses an oil pan, the machine totally eliminates oil stains on the material. (DDL-9000D)


With its newly developed large machine head, the DDL-9000 dramatically upgrades seam quality and increases efficiency.

Wider space under the arm
JUKI has developed a new high-long arm machine head one size larger than the head for the conventional lockstitch machine. With its wider area under the arm, the machine permits easy handling of the sewing material for improved operability.
* The space under the arm is approximately 4 cm wider and 1 cm higher than that in JUKI's current lockstitch machine.

Easy-to-observe needle entry area
The jaw of the machine arm is located 1cm higher than that of the conventional machine. By ensuring easy observation of the needle entry area, the operator can run the machine in a more comfortable posture.

Low noise and vibration
The machine head frame is designed for optional balance and high rigidity. The use of this frame in conjuction with the machine's direct-drive system dramatically reduces operating noise and vibration.
The DDL-9000 incorporates a direct-drive system (DD system) that offers quick start-up, upgraded stop accuracy, excellent responsiveness, and a stronger needle thrust for faster, better penetration into the material.

In the machine's newly introduced direct-drive system, a compact AC servomotor is directly connected to the main shaft. This motor demonstrates quick start-up, upgraded stop accuracy, and excellent responsiveness.
Since the machine uses no V-belt, the power consumption is reduced and belt chips are eliminated.

Designed without an oil pan, the machine offers improved maintainability with easy removal of dust and lint.

  The dry-head-type machine (D type) operates without lubrication. This means the machine produces no oil splashes during sewing, freeing sewing products from the risk of oil stains. The machine requires neither periodical oiling nor oil level adjustment, saving you time and trouble for maintenance.
  The minute-quantity lubrication type machine (S type) only feeds clean oil from the oil tank to the hook and needlebar. This self-enclosed system stays clean since it doesn't use any reflux oil. This is very important for smooth operation when running at high sewing speeds (5,000rpm at maximum).

With its newly designed feed mechanism, thread take-up and light-in-weight mechanism, the machine offers both upgraded sewing capabilities and excellent operability.

The presser foot mechanism is made of aluminum to reduce the weight. This light-weight presser foot prevents jumping when the machine runs at high speeds and responds quickly when the operator changes the sewing direction for straight portions and curved portions of the material. The machine can be used for wider range of materials and permits easy adjustment of the height, inclination, and timing of the feed dog.

The machine has been developed based on thoroughgoing studies on safety, maintainability, reliability, and durability.

The machine saves you the time and trouble of removing the knee-lifter and cover. This means that the machine head can be tilted for cleaning and maintenance without the inconvenience of removing the knee-lifter and cover.
Even if you tilt the machine head while the power is still ON, the safety switch will disable the machine. This means the machine won't start running when the head is tilted even if you press the foot pedal.
The handwheel is provided with a special mechanism to prevent the tangling of thread and hair. This is one more effective safeguard in a list of many.
Installation of an attachment-mounting seat improves operability when replacing the attachment and increases the durability of the machine bed surface.
The machine is provided with a well-proven horizontal-type thread-trimming mechanism that ensures speedy and reliable thread trimming.
The machine is provided with various easy-to-operate functions for increased operability.

  The machine has a push-button-type reverse feed switch.
  The maximum lift of the presser foot is increased to
Pressr spring regulator
Tension-regulating knob
  The machine is provided with a tension-regulating knob and presser spring regulator, both with calibration markings.
  The bobbin winder is built-in at the top surface of the machine head.
  The machine is equipped as standard with a micro-lifter.
      The hinge has been moved 10 cm from behind the needle entry point.

Newly developed control box.

SC-910 model control box is resistant to voltage fluctuations. It comes with a compact and energy-saving type switching power supply system that does not use a transformer. This contributes to improved reliability.
The number of revolutions can be selected from among three different types (standard, slow and fast) according to the preference of the operator. In addition to this feature, the control box incorporates many different functions for upgraded workability.

The operation panel can be selected according to the process.

  The operation panel has been provided with a large user-friendly LCD. A pictograph and set values are shown on the same screen, which promises improved operability of the panel.
  The operation panel has been provided with a variety of communication and maintenance control features and is able to store data on a SmartMedia or personal computer.
  The features of the operation panel can be updated without the need for changing the PWB/ROM.
  Four different kinds of pattern sewing are possible: automatic reverse stitching, constant-dimension sewing, rectangle-shape sewing, and multi-layer stitching.
The maximum number of stitches that can be set for automatic reverse stitching (single or double) is 19.


DDL-9000DS DDL-9000DF DDL-9000SS DDL-9000SH
Application For light- to medium-weight materials For extra light-weight materials and foundation For light- to medium-weight materials For heavy-weight materials
Max. sewing speed 4,000rpm 3,500rpm 5,000rpm 4,500rpm
Max. stitch length 5mm 4mm 5mm
Needle bar stroke 30.7mm 35mm
Lift of the presser foot By hand : 5.5 mm, By knee : 15 mm, auto : 10 mm
Lubrication No lubrication Minute-quantity lubrication to needle bar and hook
Lubricating oil JUKI New Defrix Oil No.1 (equivalent to ISO VG7)
Hook Exclusive no-lubrication hook
(plastic hook with special-purpose race surface)
Automatic lubrication hook
(at the time of delivery)
DBx1(#14)#9~#18 DBx1(#9)#8~#11 DBx1(#14)#9~#18 DBx1(#21)#19~#23
For JE:134 (Nm75) Nm65~Nm110 For JE:134 (Nm65) Nm65~Nm75 For JE:134 (Nm75) Nm65~Nm110 For JE:134 (Nm130) Nm120~Nm160
Free space for sewing 300 mm
Size of bed 517 mm x 178mm
Bobbin thread winder Built-in the machine head
Machine head drive Compact AC servomotor directly coupled with the main shaft (direct-drive system)
Automatic reverse feed
Provided as standard
Power requirement
Power consumption
Single-phase 100~120V, 200~240V, 3-phase 200~240V / 650VA
Total weight 84.5 Kg


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