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DLD-5430N SERIES 1-needle, Differential-feed, Lockstitch Machine

DLD-5430N, DLD-5430N-7(with automatic thread trimmer)

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With its highly reliable bottom-differential-feed mechanism, the machine promotes the production of upgraded-quality products while increasing efficiency.

DLD-5430N-7-WB / CP-160A


Sure thread trimming mechanism.

The machine comes with a thread trimming mechanism that performs speedy and sure thread trimming to achieve highly efficient sewing work.
Higher lift of the presser foot.

This machine is equipped with various devices that reduce the operator's fatigue and allow the operator to easily operate the machine. These devices include the following: The foot pedal needs only light pressure to be operated. The presser foot can be lifted as high as 13mm. The shape of the machine arm has been designed to allow the operator to handle any material with ease.

Sewing mechanism that demonstrates outstanding responsiveness to materials to be sewn.

The thread take-up mechanism, thread path components and differential feed mechanism have all been improved. Thanks to these improvements, partial shirring can be performed with minimum tension applied to the material, thus leading to greater flexibility in responding to different types of material.

Newly developed control box / Compact motor unit.

SC-910 / M91
SC-910 model control box is resistant to voltage fluctuations. It comes with a compact and energy-saving type switching power supply system that does not use a transformer. This contributes to improved reliability.
The M91 model compact motor unit featuring low vibration and low noise capabilities is installed on the control box.
The number of revolutions can be selected from among three different types (standard, slow and fast) according to the preference of the operator. In addition to this feature, the control box incorporates many different functions for upgraded workability.

The operation panel can be selected according to the process.

The operation panel has been provided with a large user-friendly LCD. A pictograph and set values are shown on the same screen, which promises improved operability of the panel.
The operation panel has been provided with a variety of communication and maintenance control features and is able to store data on a SmartMedia or personal computer.
The features of the operation panel can be updated without the need for changing the PWB/ROM.
Pattern sewing can be performed by the number of stitch control feature.
Four different kinds of pattern sewing are possible: automatic reverse stitching, constant-dimension sewing, rectangle-shape sewing, and multi-layer stitching.
The maximum number of stitches that can be set for automatic reverse stitching (single or double) is 19.


Model name DLD-5430N DLD-5430N-7
Max. sewing speed 4,500rpm
Max. stitch length 5mm
Max. top-feed amount Shirring 1:1.5 (Max. 1:3*), Stretching 1:0.5
Needle bar stroke 30.7mm
Lift of the presser foot By hand: 5.5mm, By knee: 13mm
Needle (at the time of delivery) DB x 1 (#14), For JE: 134 (Nm90)
Hook Automatic-lubricating full-rotary hook
Lubrication Automatic
Lubricating oil JUKI New Defrix Oil No.1 (equivalent to ISO VG7)
Automatic reverse feed function Provided as standard
Power requirement Single-phase 100~120V, 200~240V
3-phase 200~240V
Power consumption 650VA
Weight Machine head: 29kg Total weight: 82kg


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