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LB-3, LB-4Overlock / Safety Stitch Machine

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Overlock Machine with Semi-automatic Backlatch Device
(1-needle) MO-604S-0E6-300/ LB-3      
(2-needle) MO-614S-BE4-307 / LB-4

 Variable Top-feed Overlock Machine with Semi-automatic Backlatch Device
(1-needle) MO-6904R-0E6-300 / LB-3
(2-needle) MO-6914R-BE4-307 / LB-4

The overlock machine is provided with a backlatching capability that eliminates the need for bartacking.
The chain-off thread is tucked into the seam at the beginning of sewing to secure chain-off thread and prevent the finished seam from coming undone.
The machine is a semi-automatic type offering increased productivity and excellent seam quality at a reasonable price.

MO-6914S-BE4-307 / LB-4


Beautifully finished seams at the beginning of sewing.

Aided by the precise control of the stitch number provided by the material-edge sensor and SC-380 motor/controller, the tension-release mechanism is activated during production of chain-off thread at both the start and end of sewing so that thin chain-off thread can be produced. The chain-off thread is completely tucked into the finished seam on the material to achieve a beautifully finished sewing product.

Chain-off thread is clamped. MO-6914S/LB-4
The machine comes with a throat plate intermediate claw forward/backward mechanism (for 2-needle overlocking machines).

For the 2-needle overlock machine, the throat plate intermediate claw automatically moves backward at the end of sewing so that the chain-off thread can be guided to the needle thread retainer without getting caught by the claw. At the start of the next sewing, the chain-off thread is rolled into the stitches to the material edge, giving the seam a beautiful finish.

Throat plate intermediate claw forward/backward mechanism (for 2-needle machines)

The backlatching function can be released.
The machine is easily adaptable to the standard specifications.

For both 1-needle and 2-needle overlock machines, the tension-release function can be disabled by setting the material edge sensor in the OFF state. In addition, for 2-needle machines, the intermediate claw of the throat plate can be fixed with projected. This means that the machine can be used as a standard machine with standard specifications for processes not requiring the backlatching capability such as continuous stitching and runstitching, thereby saving on new equipment.

The SC-380 motor/controller promises easy operation.

The overlock machine is controlled by the SC-380 motor/controller and requires no specific control box.
The number of stitches set on the front panel of the control box can also be used to determine the length of chain-off thread to be produced after the seam end and the length of reduced-tension sewing performed at the beginning of sewing.

SC-380 Front panel
The machine is equipped with a double-type thread tension control mechanism.

The thread tension control mechanism facilitates thread tension adjustment under the normal stitching mode and chain-off thread production mode. It also produces soft-chain type chain-off thread with remarkable consistency (by controlling the tension-release mechanism).

Double-type thread tension control mechanism MO-6914S/LB-4


Auto-lifter Provided as standard
Compressed air 0.5 MPa (5kgf/cm2)


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