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LZ-2280N SERIES High-speed, 1-needle, Lockstitch, Zigzag Stitching Machine

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LZ-2280N(standard zigzag)
LZ-2281N(standard wider zigzag)
LZ-2282N(standard zigzag/with lower knife)
LZ-2282N-7(standard zigzag/with lower knife and automatic thread trimmer)
LZ-2284N(with standard/3-step zigzag stitching pattern changeover function)
LZ-2284N-7(with standard/3-step zigzag stitching pattern changeover function and automatic thread trimmer)
LZ-2286N(3-step zigzag)
LZ-2288N(with changeable pattern cams)
LZ-2280NU(standard zigzag/with anti-material-slip capability)
LZ-2284NU (with standard/3-step zigzag stitching pattern changeover function, anti-material-slip capability
and an automatic thread trimmer)
LZ-2284NU-7(standard zigzag)
LZ-2282N-7(with lower knife)
LZ-2284N-7(with standard/3-step zigzag stitching pattern changeover function)
LZ-2284NU-7(with standard/3-step zigzag stitching pattern changeover function and anti-material-slip capability)
LZ-2284N-7-WB / CP-160B


The hook driving shaft offset mechanism assures trouble-free and consistent zigzag stitching.

The machine is equipped with a hook-driving shaft-offset mechanism which places the hook-rotating shaft off-center from the center of zigzag stroke of the needle. This mechanism allows the blade point of the hook to catch the needle thread every time regardless of the needle throwing direction. As a result, the machine is immune to sewing troubles such as stitch skipping and thread breakage, annoyances likely to occur with the conventional machine, especially when the needle throws to the right.
The market-proven hook and thread take-up lever enables sewing with upgraded consistency with a lower tension applied to the thread.

With its market-proven hook and thread take-up lever, the machine produces high-quality, uniform seams even when sewing at extremely low thread tensions.
In addition, these new components prevent stitch skipping and thread breakage during sewing and offer dramatically improved responsiveness to thread changing. The machine uses a wide range of thread types such as synthetic thread, spun thread, and cotton thread.

Greater durability is secured by preventing the hook from heating up when the machine is running at high speeds.

  The inner hook is finished with titanium to keep it from becoming hot. The machine requires only a very small quantity of oil. This prevents oil stains on the material and the improves durability of the hook. In addition, the hook configuration is carefully designed to avoid needle breakage.

The highly reliable machine head is structured to reduce operating noise and prevent oil leakage.

The shape of the machine frame is designed to reduce vibration and noise during sewing. By applying three safeguards in the machine's design, oil leakage is completely eliminated.
The shape of the machine arm is designed to prevent oil from gathering, the direct oil-circulation method is adopted to circulate the oil directly from the oil sight window to the oil pan, and a high-quality packing is incorporated. In addition, a bobbin thread winder is built in at a position that permits easy bobbin winding.
The machine ensures easy adjustment of zigzag width and feed pitch.

A special dial with a built-in lever for adjusting zigzag width is adopted for easier handling. The machine is also provided with a lever for changing the needle-throwing position that makes it convenient to set the sewing position from the material edge. This enables the operator to minutely adjust the needle-throwing position without re-adjusting the positions of other components such as the guides and binders. In addition, the machine is provided with a denser stitching mechanism for fastening stitches.


Without automatic
thread trimmer
LZ-2280N LZ-2281N LZ-2282N LZ-2284N LZ-2286N LZ-2288N LZ-2285N
With automatic
thread trimmer
- - LZ-2282N-7 LZ-2284N-7 - - -
Stitch system Standard zigzag Standard wider
Standard zigzag
(with lower knife)
3-step zigzag
3-step zigzag With changeable
pattern cams
Stitch pattern Refer to the
for pattern cam
Max. sewing speed
5,500 5,000 4,000
Max. zigzag width
5.0 5.0 (A type)
8.0 (B type)
4.5 5.0 (standard)
10.0 (3-step)
10.0 8.0
Max. feeding amount
2.5 2.5 (A type)
5.0 (B type)
2.5 2.5 (standard)
2.0 (3-step)
2.0 2.5 2.2
Min. cutting allowance
of lower knife (mm)
- - 3.0 - - - -
Lower knife driving
- - AC motor - - - -
Lift of the presser
foot (mm)
By hand: 5.5/By knee: 10.0 By hand: 4.0
By knee: 8.5
By hand: 5.5/By knee: 10.0 By hand: 5.5
By knee: 8.0
Hook DP hook (with titanium-treated inner hook)
Thread take-up Rotary type
Lubrication Fully automatic
Lubricating oil JUKI New Defrix Oil No.1 (equivalent to ISO VG7)
(at the time of delivery)
438SUK (#80)
Needle position
changing mechanism
Provided as standard -
Reverse feed
stitching mechanism
Provided as standard -
Needle throw direction
change-over mechanism
- - - - - Provided as
Needle throw
pattern cam
Triangular cam Grooved cam
Number of pattern
cams specified
- - - - - 11* -
*LZ-2288N :  Selectable from five different cams; Standard zigzag stitching cam, 3-step zigzag stitching cam,
2-step zigzag stitching cam, standard scalloping cam, crescent scalloping cam. Other cams are
optionally available.

anti-material-slip type
Without automatic
thread trimmer
LZ-2280NU LZ-2284NU
With automatic
thread trimmer
- LZ-2284NU-7
Stitch pattern
Max. sewing speed (rpm) 4,500

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