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Single-thread, Chainstitch, Button Sewing Machine with Knot-tying Mechanism

The single-thread, chainstitch, button sewing machine with a reliable knot-tying mechanism has been revamped with a new design. The machine inherits the excellent sewing capabilities as well as the outstanding operability of the conventional MB Series button sewing machine.


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Knot-tying mechanism.
The machine ties a secuare knot to prevent the finished seam from coming undone from the last stitch. Since the knots are firmer than conventional knots, the hardly ever come undone. Even if the last stitch comes undone, the thread is not likely to come off, so the risk of losing buttons is dramatically reduced.
The 4-holed button sewing mode can be easily switched over to the 2-holed button sewing mode in accordance with changing sewing specifications. Furthermore, the button hole interval can be easily changed by operating the lever.
The number of stitches can be quickly selected from among 8, 16 and 32 stitches corresponding to the change in sewing specifications.
The machine ensures consistent sewing performance even when it runs at 1,500rpm. The unique speed-decreasing device reduces vibration when the sewing machine stops, thereby enabling the sewing machine to beautifully finish buttons with accuracy.
The attachments that are currently being used with the conventional machine can be used with the revamped machine without the need for any additional machining or adjustments.

Thread trimming mechanism Interlocked with the presser lifter
Cut with the fixed knife and moving knife
Sewing speed Max. 1,500rpm Normal 1,300rpm
Number of stitches 8, 16 and 32 stitches
Feed length Crosswise feed 2.5~6.5mm, Lengthwise feed 0~6.5mm
Stitching shape ,,
Applicable button Round-shaped flat button (2-holed, 4-holed)
Button size 10~28mm
Thickness of button Max. 3.1mm
Needle bar stroke 48.6mm
Needle (at the time of delivery) TQ x 1 (#16) #14~#18 or TQ x 7 (#16) #14~#20
Button clamp lifting system Automatic system (pedal type possible)
Sewing system Single thread chainstitch
Stop-motion mechanism Automatic stop-motion mechanism
(equipped with the speed-decreasing device and the reverse rotation preventing device)
Lubrication By an oiler
Lubricating oil JUKI New Defrix Oil No.1 (equivalent to ISO VG7)
Power requirement/motor used Single- or 3-phase/200W (1/4 HP), general-purpose motor

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