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MO-6100D SERIES Dry-head, High-speed, Overlock / Safety Stitch Machine

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The world's first dry-head overlock machine!
JUKI's technology for developing machines that require no oiling has created an overlock machine with a maximum sewing speed of 6,000rpm. This overlock machine is capable of responding to the need for both high-grade and high-quality sewing performance.



    Oil stains on the sewing product are eliminated.

The needle bar, feed and looper mechanisms require no oiling. This means they do not splash oil, thereby leaving no oil stains on the sewing material, and thus contributing to upgraded quality.
The driving section of the machine, except for the needle bar, feed and looper mechanisms is installed in a forced oiling block. This block is completely sealed to prevent the leakage of oil.

Stain-removing work or re-sewing work resulting from oil stains is eliminated.
The machine does not need periodical oiling or used-oil disposal, which markedly improves maintainability.

   The machine has been developed with the intention of providing an extended service life.

The machine incorporates various mechanisms as standard, such as a differential-feed micro-adjustment mechanism and an external adjustment mechanism for adjusting the feed dog inclination as well as increasing the differential-feed ratio, which can be easily adjusted to finish seams that perfectly match the material to be used.
Comfortable operation is all but guaranteed, by a wider area around the needle entry, the adoption as standard of a micro-lifter feature that offers improved responsiveness to materials and provides the operator with upgraded operability, and by the reduction of operating noise and vibration, which has been achieved by designing an optimally balanced machine.

Operability is further improved.

The stitch length can be easily adjusted with the push-button mounted on the front surface of the sewing machine. Opening of the cloth plate cover is no longer required for stitch length adjustments.
Devices intended for conventional JUKI machines are also interchangeable.

Gauges and devices you have used with your existing JUKI machines are also interchangeable with no additional machining required. This eliminates both the waste of resources and unwanted extra costs.


Model name MO-6104D MO-6114D MO-6116D
Stitch type 1-needle overlock 2-needle overlock Safety stitching
Stitch style in the U.S.A. 504 514 516
Max. sewing speed 6,000rpm
Stitch length 0.8~4mm 1.5~4mm
Needle gauge (mm) 2.0, 2.4 2.0, 3.2, 4.8
Overedging width (mm) 3.2, 4.0, 4.8 2.0, 3.2, 4.0, 4.8 3.2, 4.0, 4.8
Bottom differential feed ratio For gathering 1:2(Max. 1:4), For stretching 1:0.7(Max. 1:0.6)
Needle bar stroke 24.5mm (Anti-material-slip type), 25.5mm (Upper looper extra high throw type)
Inclination angle of the needle 20°
Needle mechanism Needle bar method and upper/lower bushing
Needle DC x 27(excluding some subclass model)
Max. lift of the presser foot 7mm 6.5mm 7mm
Max. presser foot pressure 63.7N (6.5kg)
Stitch adjusting method By push-button
Differential-feed adjusting method By lever (with micro-adjustment)
Weight of the machine head 28kg
Lubrication No lubrication
Needle cooler Option
Needle thread heat remover Option
Micro-lifter Provided as standard

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