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PM 1

Programming Software for Computer-controlled Sewing Machines

This software is to input and edit sewing data of JUKI's latest sewing machines.
Its versatile input functions allow to input sewing data of each electronic sewing machine model easily, accurately, and quickly.
It supports high quality production with high added value by utilizing and creating original data for specific designs and applications.

Create sewing data in an interactivemanner during viewing screen displays.
Image (BMP file) copied by a scanner can be traced by a mouse to input data.
Equipped with template functions that allow to create sewing data easily by input each parameter (For LBH-1790).
Coordinates entered can be corrected and re-edited by keyboard input.
Equipped with a data preview function that displays data configuration before reading sewing data.
Sewing sequences can be checked easily by a function of coloring needle drop points.

Models suited for PM-1

AMS series (B type, C type, and D type),
LK-1900 series, LK-1900A series,
LK-1910, LK-1920, LK-1930 series,
LZ-2290A (-7), LBH-1790, MB-1800, AVP-875

Operating environment for Personal Computer

Item Specifications
Type of PC IBM PC/AT compatible personal computer
CPU PentiumII300MHz or higher is recommended
Memory 32MB or higher is recommended (Do not overload OS)
Hard disk At least 100MB is required.
Locate under "C:" as a device name
CRT resolution Recommend 1024 x 768 dots in at least 256 different colors
Mouse/Keyboard Equipped with a mouse and a keyboard
Operating System English version PM-1 Einglish version Windows 98 or Windows 2000
Other To be used with digitizer, ROM writer, or PC connection, RS-232 C channel is required respectively
To be used with Smart Media, an adaptor is required.
Locate under any device name from "A:" to "Z:"
To be used with a floppy disk, at least 1 drive of needed 3.5 inch 2DD (720K bites) / 2HD(1.44M bite) is required. Locate under any device name from "A:" to "Z:"
ROM Writer is required to input/output ROM on LK-1900 series

System Formation

For LZ-2290A
Operation panel
Through a PC on-line connection, sew-off can be performed and entering and correcting data is possible on the spot.
For LBH-1790,
Operation panel
ROM Writer Required to enter pattern data in ROM for LK1900 series and AMS-205/206.
Digitizer Use to input from the original print.
Smart Media
Reader / Writer
Required to enter pattern data into Smart Media of LZ-2290A, LBH-1790, and LK-1900A.
Floppy disk Driver Required to input data into disks of AMS series and AVP, excluding AMS-205 and 206.
Scanner Able to trace images from the original and input data (Use BMP file).


The following is specifications of digitizer for PM-1.
Item Specifications
Digitizer Connect with RS-232C (any port from COM1 to COM4) to input digitizer.
Input data
Format prepared by Graphtech Co., Ltd., conforming to the digitizer input format Binary-1 and Binary-2.
Mode Use Stream Mode, 20pps
Resolution 0.1mm
Baud rate 9600bps
ROM Writer

ROM writer is required to read and write ROM data with PM-1.
To be used with PM-1
data file input / output
ROM Writer has to be able to read and write ROM of sewing machines as well as to input / output Intel HEX file through PC connection.

By connecting with a personal computer line, sewing machine equipped with the latest operation panel IP series can perform sew-off and data can be checked and edited on the spot.

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