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New Sewing Machines
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High-Speed Seamers
Machine Type Feed Type Stitches per Minute
PFAFF 1051 Compound feed, oil-free
PFAFF 1053 Drop feed, oil-free
PFAFF 1181   Compound feed
PFAFF 1183   Drop feed
PFAFF 2481   Compound feed
PFAFF 481   Compound feed
PFAFF 483   Drop feed

Welding Machines — PFAFF heat sealing machines for plastics

"Precision for global use"

PFAFF as a manufacturer of continuous heat sealing machines for over 50 years and the inventor of hot wedge sealing, provides you with a machine for all kinds of work which is often required, equipped with the right technology for each case. Convince yourself:

Operating method
Machine class
Hot air sealing machine
Hot air tape sealing machine
Hot wedge sealing machine for industrial textiles
Mobile hot wedge sealing machine for "geotextiles"
Ultrasonic sealing machine

Basically all flexible, thermoplastic sheets can be processed (e.g. PVC, PU, PE, PP, PES, PA etc.)
A whole range of accessories is naturally available for all the PFAFF heat sealing machines.


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