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Singer® Two Thread Chainstitch, Two Needle and Three Needle, Feed-off-the-Arm Machine — Model 261U
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General Applications

  • Lap seaming light, medium and medium heavy materials.
General Specifications
  • Bed dimensions: Space to right of needle bar 8" (203mm).
    Girth of bed at needle bar 612" (165mm).
  • Motor required: Singer clutch motor high speed 12 H.P.
  • Machine pulley size:
    For 261U21A machine:
    2 29/32" (73.8mm) effective diameter for V belt.
    For 261U43A machine:
    3 55/54" (98mm) effective diameter for V belt.


  • Full automatic lubrication.
  • Clear, unobstructed view of work area for operator with ample work space to right of needles.
  • Lap seam feller supplied with machine.
  • Small cylinder circumference of 612" at needles permits stitching of greater variety of small cylindrical items.
  • Easy access to stitch regulator and looper avoiding motion adjustment.
  • Under-threading readily accessible through hinged covers. Threading wire not necessary.
  • Oil flow window indicates oil circulation.


  • Belt guard furnished as standard equipment.
  • Non-slip belt drive to bed mechanism assures smooth, positive power delivery.
  • Completely lubricated from large capacity oil reservoir.
  • Radiating fins reduce oil temperature for cool machine operation.
  • Arm shaft busing to be changed to dual ball bearing.
  • Suction pump for oil returning to pump.
  • Oil guard and sheet metal oil leakage from looper take-up area.
  • Independently adjustable loopers availablon 261U43A. This greatly facilitates ease of looper timing adjustments. This also assists in minimizing seam puckering and preventing skip stitching in addition to achieving a smooth sewing operation and sightly finish quality

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