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Lockstitch Buttonhole Machines — Model 371U Series
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  • With the adoption of a fully automatic lubrication system and reduction in weight of needle bar and thread take-up parts, high speed sewing up to 3,600 s.p.m. is possible. (371U2A/3A)
  • The use of a special needle bar thread guide allows threading of the machine according to the type of thread used and ensures optimum seam quality. (371U2A/3A/5A)
  • Presser foot rise up to 13mm which is very convenient for sewing heavy weight materials such as bulky knit.
  • Both needle thread and gimp can be cut simultaneously by operating a treadle which allows continuous and highly efficient operation.
  • Complete change in appearance design.
  • Despite increase in maximum speed, vibration remains at the same level as previous models.
  • With adoption of a newly developed rotary hook, sewing a low thread tension has become possible which improves sewing performance.Note: Regarding the motor pulley relative to the sewing speed, each model is set for 2,800 s.p.m. at the time of shipment from the factory. Motor pulley for maximum speed to be used with 371U2A/3A/4A is supplied as option.


Buttonhole as made by
371U2A on shirt front.

Buttonhole in knitwear made by 371U4A topcorded sewn twice round.

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